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● Non-profit Organization REALE WORLD is operated, under the theme of “=” (equality), to do what we can from where we can for the next generations. The body of non-profit organization was officially founded in December 2015, in the aim to expand its activity originally initiated by the current chief director Aya Miyoshi’s social work activity since 2004.

● Men can face each other with equal values, beyond countries and religions, between different forms of body, to respect, acknowledge and accept each other, to learn from each other and to share the life together in cooperation.

● Regardless of ones’ environment, the condition of their circumstance, we are working to provide them a plot or an opportunity to attain and learn the strength of living their life powerfully.

● Through the unity of adults to raise children in cooperation, we can become a family to create an environment to feel the connection with others.

All of above activities ultimately has a common purpose to provide a plot for children to attain the strength to live.


Chairman of the Board : Aya Miyoshi

Born in 1976

Completed Bachelor of Education in National University of Shinshu

After her employment in fashion industry, she opened a fair trade shop “LOLO SITOA” in 2004


Making commitments in environmental issues, she began to involve deeply with the emerging struggles of Tuvalu, to humbly continue her work for the next generations.

Vice Chairman of the Board : Michinori Nagano


A successful music producer in classical and pop music genre, film music and theater music within and out of Japan.

Featured Artists: Taeko Oonuki, Yoshitaka Minami, LUNA SEA, Dick Lee, Tracy Huang, A-MEI, Taro Hakase, Yukie Nishimura, Band of Pleasure, F4, Sodagreen,

Film Music: “Whisper of the Heart” (Studio Ghibli)


Born in 1988

Began playing football in his childhood, playing in the patch field with bare feet, crossing over the river with his uncle to commute for the practice every day, Santosh grew up in the environment without much advantage. But from his passion to practice more than others as much as possible, he became the youngest professional player ever in Nepal when he was 16.

He continued to ascend in his career to enter the National team from 2007 to 2015, as well as overseas club teams in Bangladesh, Maldives and Indonesia.

In 2015, he made the new record of making most goals in the Nepal league counting it up to the 100th and carving his name in history.


Non-profit Organization REALE WORLD





Main Office

Address : 1317-393 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture 413-0235

TEL / FAX : (+81)557-51-5227


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board : Aya Miyoshi

Vice Chairman of the Board : Michinori Nagano

Board Member : Santosh Shahukhala

Board Member : Toshiyuki Hata

Board Member : Kotoba Miyoshi

Board Member : Ryohei Kitamura

Board Member : Masaya Kibe

Board Member : Keiichi Tada

Board Member : Hiroyuki Tsumagari

Board Member : Takeshi Kojima

Board Member : Akiko Sato

Board Member : Tsutomu Nakafutami


Senior Advisor

Kosuke Tamao


Areas of Non-profit Activities

(1) Activities for the aim to promote growth in health care, medical or welfare.

(2) Activities for the aim to promote social education.

(3) Activities for the aim to promote community or city development.

(4) Activities for the aim to revitalize tourism industry.

(5) Activities for the aim to promote development in arts, science, culture and sports.

(6) Activities for the aim to preserve the environment.

(7) Disaster relief activities.

(8) Activities to protect Human Rights and promote peace.

(9) Activities for international cooperation.

(10) Activities to promote healthy development for juveniles.

(11) Activities for the aim to revitalize economic activities.

(12) Activities to support occupational skills development or to support the expansion of occupational opportunities.

(13) All management, communication, consulting or assisting activities for above items.


Type and Nature of Services

① Projects regarding culture and sports.

② Conducting workshops regarding the promotion and enhancement of holistic health and/or the development of communication skills.

③ International exchange projects to promote education of foreign culture and history to encourage mutual understanding.

④ Product sales business as a result of supporting occupational skill development and expansion of creating occupational opportunities.

⑤ Sponsorship of events, participation of expos or publishing a media to promote enlightenment activities.

⑥ Projects in supporting organizations working under a common purpose.

⑦ Other projects necessary for achieving above purposes.




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